Product name:25.6V26.4Ah


1.Used LifePo4 material, Long cycle life and Excellent Safety performance.

2.Excellent temperature performance

3.High precision pretection,Extend battery’s service life.

4.Can provide targeted R&D, design and manufacturing service of battery pack, can provide pack battery product of 6.4V/9.6V/12.8V/24V/25.6V/48V with difference capactiry.

Electrical performance:

1.Standard Charge:23±3℃, 0.2C, CC/CV,29.2V,current ≤0.05Ccut off;

2.Stangard discharge: 23±3℃,0.2C,CC, 20V;

3.Nominal Capacity:26.4Ah

4.Nominal Voltage:25.6V;

5.Cycle life:3000 cycle/23℃,100%DOD(standard charge、standard discharge;capacity<80%test stop);

6.Operating Temperature:-20~+65℃;

8.Storage Temperature:-5~+35℃;


Safety performance
No fire no explostion under the safety performance test such as Crush、Thermal abuse、Overcharge、Short circuiting、forced discharge,can meet UN38.3, UL1642 and other international safety regulations.


Widely used in solar energy storage, Solar intelligent street lamps, Home energy storage products, Emergency fire backup power supply, AGV, Medical equipment, AI artificial intelligence, Industrial Internet, Industrial robots, Electronic ships and other fields.