Product name:48V/100Ah--Quick chager AGV battery

Electrical performance:

1.Standard Charge:23±3℃, 0.2C, CC/CV,57.4V,current ≤0.05Ccut off;
2.Stangard discharge:23±3℃,0.2C,CC, 37.5V;
3.Nominal Capacity:100Ah;
4.Nominal Voltage:48V;
5.The nominal weight:720Wh;
6.Core weight:63KG

7.Cycle life:3000 cycle/23℃,100%DOD(standard charge、standard discharge;capacity<80%test stop);
8.Operating Temperature:-20~+60℃;
9.Storage Temperature:-5~+35℃;
Safety performance:
Duogong security measures:

Extrusion, thermal shock, overcharge, external short circuit, forced discharge and other safety tests are free of fire and explosion, in accordance with UN38.3, ul1642 and other regulations.
BMS custom service:
BMS is not only equipped in energy storage applications and AGV battery modules, but also provides products and services for customers in need. It can provide battery group oriented R & D, design and manufacturing services according to the actual functional requirements of customers
BMS structure features:

Application scenario: