Product name:32700Fe5000HT

1.Good storage performance:
23±3℃ for 30 days, capacity recovery rate ≥95%;
50±3℃ for 30 days, capacity recovery rate ≥90%;
100±3℃ for 30 days, capacity recovery rate ≥70%;
2.Charge and discharge life:
23℃ charge and discharge life ≥ 1000 weeks,
100℃ charge and discharge life ≥ 140 times;
125℃ charge and discharge life ≥ 70 times;
3.The internal structure is specially reinforced to meet the requirements of severe vibration and impact;
4.Cylindrical structure is easy to assemble into a tubular structure;
5.Good safety performance, special design, explosion-proof function, in line with UL1642, UN38.3 certification requirements. 


widely used in fields of oil & gas exploration and all high temperature deep, such as MWD / LWD, measure instrument of downhole temperature, pressure & flow and wireless logging, and etc.