Product name:26650Fe3300PTC


1.More than 3500 long cycle life under 0.5C charge / discharge cycle.

2.Good low temperature performance, -10℃, 0.5C, discharge capacity ratio ≥50%

3.Excellent storage / recovery capacity characteristics,

 180 days at 23±3℃, capacity recovery ≥ 90%

 90 days at 45±3℃, capacity recovery ≥ 80%

 30 days at 60±3℃, capacity recovery ≥ 80%

Electrical performance:
1.Standard charging: 23±3°C, 0.5C constant current and constant voltage to 3.6V, 0.05C cutoff;
2.Standard discharge: 23±3°C, 0.5C constant current to 2.0V;
3.Nominal capacity: 3.3Ah (standard charging, standard discharge);
4.Nominal voltage: 3.2V;
5.Nominal energy: 10.56Wh;
6.Battery weight: ~ 82.5g;
7.Cycle life: 3500 weeks / 23 ° C, 100% DOD (standard charging, standard discharge; capacity < 80% termination test);
8.The use of the environment: -20 ~ +60 ° C;
9.Storage environment: -10 ~ +45 ° C.
Safety performance:
Safety tests such as extrusion, thermal shock, overcharge, external short circuit, forced discharge, etc. have no fire, no explosion, and comply with UN38.3, UL1642 and other regulations.

Widely used in power tools, AGV, communication backup power, solar energy and wind energy storage equipment,
UPS and emergency lights, lawn lights, warning lights and miner's lamps, medical instruments and portable instruments.