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High Temperature Lithium Battery

    Fullriver’s leading technology in the field of high temperature proof rechargeable battery at home and abroad has achieved the goal of continuously working for over 200h at 125℃.

1. Main Features: 
  1.1 Excellent HT discharge performance: battery can be charged & discharged at 125.

  1.2 Wide applicable temperature range: battery can be worked under a temperature range -20~125.

  1.3  Long cycle life: over 1500 cycles at room temperature, over 150 cycles at 100, and over 50 cycles at 125.

  1.4 Safe and reliable: battery conforms to standards of UL1642, UN38.3, etc.

2. Application:
  2.1 Widely used in harsh HT environments, automatic detection instrument for  deep operations, oil 
and gas exploration、 pipelines (such as measuring instruments and logging instrument, electronic manometer) 
 2.2 Communications equipment (portable / mobile radio, navigation using the global positioning device, 
data terminal equipment), sonar buoys, radar, etc…

3. Product Available:

Products Series
High Temperature Type

PS:All of battery size can be customized as per customer’s special requirements, the above information 
are just for reference.


4. Product Show
Fullriver 32700 High temperature battery

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