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Fullriver battery system for telecom backup power:

1. Product Advantages
  1.1 Battery positive pole uses LiFePO4 material with high cycling life and good security;  More than 2000 times cycle life of Li-Fe cell.
  1.2 Good rate discharge performance,low capacity Li-Fe battery system can adapt to the large current discharge occasion.
  1.3 Good temperature characteristic: working environment temperature can reach -20℃~+60℃(recommend temperature:-15℃~+50℃),greatly reduce the equipment acquisition cost and power consumption cost.
  1.4 Structural safety:Li-Fe cell uses leak proofing structure, non-pollution, green product.
  1.5 Allocation flexible: multi Li-Fe battery modules in parallel, making the high capacity Li-Fe battery system into practical become true, not only enhancing the output power of the system, but also prolonging the reserve time of the system.
  1.6 The battery group uses high performance battery management system(BMS), avoiding suffering surcharge, abnormal discharge, overflow current and unusual high temperature, at the same time the battery system has a good telecommunication with lord equipment.
2. Application
Access network equipment, far-end telephone exchange, mobile telecommunication equipment, transmission facility, satellite earth station and microwave communication equipment etc.
                               Fullriver battery system for telecome backup power

3. Model                                                                          
Model Voltage


Size(mm) Weight
FR4810 48 10 425 300 44 8 0.2C 0.2~1C 1U
FR4820 48 20 425 300 88 14 0.2C 0.2~1C 2U
FR4830 48 30 425 430 88 20 0.2C 0.2~1C 2U
FR4840 48 40 425 430 88 24 0.2C 0.2C~1C 2U
FR4850 48 50 425 460 132 29 0.2C 0.2C~1C 3U

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